Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Increase Target Traffic, and Conversion Rates that turn into Sales.

More and more home improvement contractors and service providers turn to search engine marketing because it offers the best ROI for their products or service. The fact that SEO is so popular also means it's super competitive for your website to stand out for targeted key words.

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Marketing is expensive and, in a lot of ways, confusing. What works and what doesn't is often a subtle tweak in an image or value message.

What can this mean to home improvement contractors trying to manage a marketing campaign? Aggressive, top producers thrive on conversations and building personal connections. These business owners can quickly grow frustrated chasing the ghosts that create

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Website Design

Did you know that you have less than 3 seconds to keep a viewer on your website? Is your current website converting viewers into customers?

We are experts in designing and building website that draw and convert relevant traffic. Keep the message clear and simple. Communicate an obvious call-to-action. If you don't answer the question or provide the answer they are looking for then your viewers will find a website that does.

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Integrating SEO, PPC,  Pay-Per-Lead, Print and Traditional Campaigns to Maximize Results

Blue Roots Marketing, based in Charlotte NC, helps you bring together the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, vehicle graphics, traditional advertising and Pay Per Lead (PPL) to create powerful results-driven marketing programs.

We'll push your organic search engine rankings to the top. We'll optimize your PPC campaigns so your leads and sales increase, and you maximize your ROI. And we'll create a Pay Per Lead program to help you reach the masses at a fraction of the cost. We get Results

Why is there such a demand for direct response marketing services? The answer is simple: Because PPC, PPL and SEO offers the best return on investment for product and service marketing.

Getting you at the top of the search rankings is not simple, however. Search engine algorithms change, new websites are created, competition intensifies and new opportunities arise.

You need a Charlotte SEO and direct response advertising firm like Blue Roots Marketing. We know what works today, how to help your company capitalize on the changes in search algorithms, how to take advantage of Pay Per Lead campaigns and traditional advertising alike.

Blue Roots Marketing has an integrated and strategic approach combining the power of search engine optimization, PPC services and traditional Pay Per Lead advertising – a proven way to maximize your leads and sales.

With more than 213 million searches every day, together we'll make sure those who want to buy convert, and those who are satisfied spread the word. Together, we'll work to improve your measurable results and your marketing ROI.

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